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Lots of people say they're "passionate" about diversity and inclusion, which is fine - but is that enough to make a genuine difference?

In my experience, effectiveness comes from having the right insights, working well with lots of other people, and focusing on outcomes.  The results I've been able to achieve with this approach include unprecedented levels of female attraction and retention, outstanding uptake of flexible work by both women and men, consistent closure of gender pay equity gaps, record levels of female representation in both senior and other male-dominated roles, and employee engagement at global high-performing norm levels.

These are award-winning results recognised in Australia, Asia and globally.

What difference would you like to make?

Mainstream Flexible Work

Strategy & Policy
Leader Capability
Local/Global Approaches
Effective Communications

Achieve Gender Equality

Recruitment Equality

Gender Pay Equity

Targets & Accountability

Sponsorship Practice

Engaging Men

Strategy & Policy

Interrupt Bias, Grow Inclusive Leaders

Inclusion Diagnostics
Workshop Design
Group Facilitation
Personal & Team Actions

Address Domestic & Family Violence

Strategy Development
Support & Leave Policy
Leader Capability
Perpetrator Response
Workplace Accreditation
Community Initiatives

Recruit & Retain Diverse Talent

Segmented Approaches
Indigenous Diversity
Other Cultural Diversity
Disability, Personalisation
LGBT+ Inclusion
Employee Reference Groups & Allies

Be Strategic, Integrated, Effective

Integrated D&I Strategy

Data-driven Initiatives

Outcome-focussed Plans

Targets & Accountability

Executive Engagement

Public Reporting

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